The Ghora Sneaks His Way Into DGS Games’ Freeblades

January 17, 2020 by brennon

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DGS Games has been showing off a new release for the end of January. Here we have a swashbuckling and scaley swordsman, the Ghora.

Ghora - DGS Games

The Ghora is dropping in as a rather basic new follower for you to consider adding into the mix. Armed with his cutlass, he can get stuck in and slice through foes plus thanks to Amphibious he is able to make his way towards the enemy in ways that they'll least expect.

Ghora Rules - DGS Games

January 21st sees the release of this particular character. I think you might have to nudge one Captain Kirk and get him involved if you want to find a way of bringing this fellow down.

As I've said before, the miniatures from DGS Games have been doing some sterling stuff over the last few years and it is well worth diving in to check out their range.

What do you think of the new model?

" is well worth diving in to check out their range"

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