Gladiator Khepros Takes To The Sands Of Arena Rex

June 29, 2016 by brennon

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Arena Rex have now added their latest Gladiator, Khepros, to their webstore after an initial small release at AdeptiCon. If you're looking for the next Morituri Gladiator then he might fit into your roster...

Khepros #1

"A scion of the Ptolemies of old, Khepros lived a youth of wealth and leisure. As he grew and pursued his studies, however, he developed a taste for the philosophy of his ancestors, and eventually joined a Pythagorean cult. Such blasphemy would go unremarked for most, but for one with ties to the royal family the consequences were grave.

Khepros has sworn an oath of silence to keep such philosophies from passing his lips, and toils upon the sands to redeem himself in the eyes of his family."

Khepros #2

The sculpt here was done by  Benoit Cauchies based on the illustration by Yasmine Putri, and finally he was painted by Benjamin Williams. A very nice looking model mixing in a bit of the Egyptians and Romans.

We also have his stat card here too...

Khepros (Card)

Those of you who are interested in getting stuck into this game will be able to get stuck into this and let us know how good he is at battling his foes in the arena.

What do you think of Khepros?

"A very nice looking model mixing in a bit of the Egyptians and Romans..."

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