More Gladiators Arm Up For Avatar’s Arena Deathmatch!

January 22, 2015 by brennon

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Avatars of War bolster the number of combatants in their game of Arena Deathmatch with the Orc Pit Fighter and the Cirlean Murmillo! Whose name will you be chanting as they take to the sands to do battle?

Orc Pit Fighter

Cirlean Murmillo

The Orc Pit Fighter is presented with his rather cruel looking weapons outstretched and a vast array of skulls across his armour showing off all the people that he's butchered to get where he is! I love the mask he's wearing that would be awesome to paint up with some cool designs. He's very top heavy looking but it might just be his stance.

Below him we have the Cirlean addition to the arena who looks like he's ducking under a huge swing from his opponent before he lunges forward to stab out. I think it would be awesome to make him part of a diorama where he's doing just that.

Both pieces have plenty of detail from what we can see and while the poses do seem a tad awkward it might just be the way they've been photographed making it look that way.

Which fighter will you back?

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