Anyone Free for MiniCon 2012?

January 24, 2012 by beerogre

If you're free on Sunday 29th January and you can get to Barnwood in Gloucestershire (England) then why not check out MiniCon 2012?

There are plans for a Painting Competition, 40K Tournament and Mini Shuuro.

The guys from Mantic Games will be there along with Alessio Cavatore & River Horse Games (who'll be running the Mini Shuuro event), as will Precinct Omega, creators of the Skrapyard Skirmish Game.

This is the first Gloucestershire Miniatures Wargaming Convention and it's happening on Sunday 29th January from 10am to 4pm at the Gloucester Centre for the Deaf. The event brings together local clubs, retailers and manufacturers in a one-day event, designed to break down barriers between gamers, draw new people into the hobby and ultimately to get people playing games.

If you're going... drop a comment below.

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