Gotrek’s Alive As We Get A Look At New Books & Miniature!

June 3, 2019 by dracs

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The mightiest dwarf who has ever lived is returning to the tabletop with a new miniature unveiled at this weekend's Black Library Live.

Gotrek returned last year with the launch of Realmslayer, an audio drama bringing Gotrek to the Mortal Realms, now with the voice of Brian Blessed.

This new model brings the mighty slayer in line with his depiction in the Mortal Realms, carrying a Fyreslayer axe and wearing the shoulder plate of a fallen comrade. And, as you might expect from Gotrek, he's standing atop plenty of dead Skaven.

This is not it for Gotrek, as this year will see the release of two new stories. First, Brian Blessed returns to the role in Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World.

In this audiodrama, written by David Guymer, Gotrek is wandering the Realm of Life in search of new purpose in this strange land. However, what he finds may be more than he expects as he runs into an old foe...

The prospect of one of Gotrek's old rogues gallery also having made it to the Mortal Realms is pretty exciting. I'm hoping it will be Thanquol, please be Thanquol, I miss that demented Skaven.

Following on from this adventure, Gotrek gets his first novel since 2015.

Ghoulslayer takes Gotrek to the Realm of Death, seeking in an audience with none other than Nagash himself. It will be interesting to see how a meeting between these two titans of The World That Was would go, but what has me most intrigued is how did Gotrek, famed elf-hater, end up working with an aelven assassin?

If this is not enough Slayer for you, you will also be able to pick up the 20th anniversary edition of Trollslayer, the book that started it all, as well as the annotated script of last year's Realmslayer, complete with behind-the-scenes photos and art.

I am a big fan of the Gotrek Gurnisson series. After Farseer (also by William King), Trollslayer was the first Black Library book I read and I was immediately hooked on the character and his doomed search for... well, his doom. I've been excited to see his return, especially as he has been kept much as he was for it, just transplanted to the new setting.

The model too is a great update to the character. There have been quite a few Gotrek miniatures over the years, and this latest one is a worthy addition to the line up.

You can find out more about Black Library Live at Warhammer Community.

Which Gotrek story was your favorite? 

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