Grab Arena Rex’s WiP Septimus And Nero By the Horns

November 14, 2014 by dracs

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Arena Rex's wave one pledges have nearly all been sent out meaning people will soon get their hands on this game of fantasy gladiatorial combat. Soon they will be able to move onto Wave two, just as soon as they finish production on Septimus and Nero.


Septimus Back

Red Republic Games have published a series of WiP showing off the progress that has been made on Septimus and his bulky bovine beast Nero. While they may be incomplete, there is already an impressive level of detail on display in these sculpts.

Septimus and Nero

Septimus and Nero Back

The musculature of the bull is particularly well realised. You can almost see it rippling under the skin. The scars also stand out, marks of previous battles that prove this bull is unlikely to be fooled by simply whipping the red cape out of the way.

Did you back Arena Rex? How do you think the models are looking?

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