Great Escape Bring New Reinforcements To The Streets Of Chicago Way

October 2, 2018 by brennon

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The Chicago Way is a great skirmish game which sees you taking control of the Gangs, Policemen and more that existed in American during the time of prohibition. Their newest set of models for the range are smaller reinforcement packs which add new characters and new weapons into the mix.

Prohibition Agent Reinforcements - The Chicago Way

The first of these sets is the Prohibition Agents. All of these sets show off the escalation of arms during the period, as they get themselves a BAR. The same goes for the Police who are having to deal with more and more gangsters on the streets every day.

Police Reinforcements - The Chicago Way

Arrayed against them we have threats from both inside and outside of the city. In more rural areas of Chicago, we have the Moonshiners who are going to be making lots of hooch out in the sticks and bringing it into the city where they can make some money.

Moonshiner Reinforcements - The Chicago Way

They might end up even selling it to the Gangsters who also get themselves one of these sets.

Gangster Reinforcement - The Chicago Way

These kinds of games are fantastic as they help build not only a narrative but also get you really invested in the characters you're using. Any kind of games like this where you can get behind the story you're telling are worth checking out.

Make sure to go and give Great Escape Games a peek!

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"Arrayed against them we have threats from both inside and outside of the city..."

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