Snap Up The Grey Wanderer Odin From Gripping Beast

September 4, 2018 by brennon

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Gripping Beast are currently running a promotion where you could snag yourself a rather neat Odin Vignette. Take a peek at this sculpt below...

Odin #1 - Gripping Beast

Hopefully we'll get a chance to see this miniature at events and such but currently, it is only available if you spend £50 or more from their webstore during September.

The vignette shows off the Grey Wanderer seeing to the body of a fallen warrior, maybe to either bring him back to life to fight once more or maybe just play a game of riddles with him...Odin can be like that.

Odin #2 - Gripping Beast

The model doesn't come with the tree stump and base but does show off the tattered and aged wanderer with his pair of ravens. Also, if you hadn't twigged it yet, Odin was one of the inspirations for Gandalf from Middle-earth!

I could see this fellow working as an NPC in your games of SAGA. You could give it that proper mythological touch and have Odin wandering around the battlefield, summoning back to life some of the fallen warriors.

What do you think of this version of Odin from Gripping Beast?

Let us know below...

"What do you think of this version of Odin from Gripping Beast?"

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