Black Scorpion’s Halfling Team Take Their Game To The Webstore

June 22, 2017 by dracs

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Black Scorpion have released their much anticipated Halfling Team for fantasy football.

Halfling Team

Halfling teams are not usually considered among the best. They aren't particularly fast, and an orc can stomp them flat in no time. But they make up for that with cheery determination and a literal walking tree!

Halflings and Treeman

I'm very fond of the middle ages style Black Scorpion have chosen for the Halfling linemen.

Halfling Linemen

It makes them look rustic and more than a little comedic, exactly how Halflings should look.

However, I do wish they had gone for some more exciting stances. Halflings may not be particularly mobile, but they will still play their little hearts out on the pitch.

Do you think you will bring this team to the table?

"They will play their little hearts out on the pitch..."

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