Han Solo Blasts His Way Into Your Imperial Assault Game in the New Ally Pack

February 4, 2015 by stvitusdancern

SWA Smugglers and assassins

What Star Wars Game would be worth it's salt without some smugglers and assassins? Fantasy Flight Games is happy to solve your little problem with the addition of their new Ally & Villain expansion packs for Imperial Assault.

SWA smugglers and assassins minis

The Han Solo Ally Pack brings with it new content for the Imperial Assault campaign game, starting with the Imperial Entanglements side mission. This mission invites you to repel Imperial boarders from the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo. Successful completion of this mission grants you a new Reward card: the Quickdraw Holster. Once equipped with the Quickdraw Holster, you may suffer a strain and deplete the card when an attack is declared against you- however, then you can interrupt your opponent’s turn to attack your would-be attacker! Sometimes risk is worth the reward when you get the last shot.

SWA i make my own luck

You’ll also find two new missions for the skirmish game in this expansion. Local Trouble challenges you to fight for control of a cantina, but the local thugs will attack anyone who comes close. In the same manner, you can gamble (like the great smuggler you are) for victory in Sabacc Standoff. You can increase the victory points at stake with the Command cards in your hand, while battling for the win.

SWA smugglers and assassins cards2

This being said, for every ally like Han Solo with a bounty on his head, there’s someone willing to hunt them down and collect the profit. IG-88 is one such bounty hunter.

SWA binary-revolution

the Empire can take advantage of IG-88’s revolution with the Droid Uprising agenda set. This set begins with the Binary Revolution side mission, which challenges the Rebels to survive a deadly Droid revolt and rewards the Imperial player for victory by allowing him to use IG-88 as a villain in later missions. This agenda set continues with Sabotaged Plans. By playing this card and spending an influence, a player may discard one Side Mission card, allowing you to keep the Rebel heroes from even starting the most profitable missions. Finally, by purchasing Firepower Upgrade, you can spend an influence to allow your Droids to trigger surge abilities up to twice per attack, granting them unparalleled combat prowess.

SWA blaze-of-glory

You’ll also find two new missions for the Imperial Assault skirmish game: Mind of its Own and Most Dangerous Game. The first of these missions challenges you to control terminals as an automated laser sweeps through the Ord Mantell junkyard. The second invites both players to hunt down their opponents’ figures with designated bounty hunters. Both missions promise new encounters and fast-paced combat in the Star Wars universe.

“You should have paid him when you had the chance. Jabba’s put a price on your head so large, every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be looking for you.”
–Greedo, Star Wars: A New Hope

Will you be enlisting the help of Han Solo?

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"The Empire can take advantage of IG-88’s revolution with the Droid Uprising agenda set"

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