Hardcore Miniatures’ Mutant Frogmen Leap Into Battle

June 30, 2020 by brennon

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Hardcore Miniatures has been showing off some epic looking new characters for you to use in your grimdark games. Looking rather familiar to some well-known Toads who do Battle and with a bit of Necromunda grimdark thrown into the mix, this seems like a fun set to pick up.

Mutant Frogs #1 - Hardcore Miniatures.jpg

Mutant Frogmen // Hardcore Miniatures

There are three highly detailed resin miniatures up for grabs right now over on their webstore. You'll note that the weapons and armour that each of them have would be perfect for throwing them into the mix during games like Necromunda. I love the idea of using these as either a gang of their own or as options within a Goliath warband.

Mutant Frogs #2 - Hardcore Miniatures

Frogman Bimble // Hardcore Miniatures

Frogman Bimble is the big badass of the group, armed with a massive chain axe and clad in some serious armour. You could do some seriously fun schemes here mixing together the dark and battered armour of the grimdark future with the vibrant green skin of these Frogmen.

Mutant Frogs #3 - Hardcore Miniatures.png

Frogman Slash // Hardcore Miniatures

Armed with a pistol and hefty looking knife, Frogman Slash is all about getting up close and personal with a mix of speed and brutality. Again, the sculpting quality here looks top-notch and as you'll have noted above, the translation from render to miniature seems on point.

Mutant Frogs #4 - Hardcore Miniatures

Frogman Ritz // Hardcore Miniatures

The final miniature from the collection is Frogman Ritz who is equally as tooled up to get stuck into combat and instead of a knife, wields a powerful mace instead. You can actually see how these miniatures size up against a few other 28mm options from across the wargaming sphere here too.

Mutant Frogs Scale Comparison - Hardcore Miniatures.jpg

Frogman Scale Comparison // Hardcore Miniatures

They are certainly very beefy and at the size of a Primaris Space Marine WITH the addition of that extra width in their shoulders, these would be imposing characters to throw into the mix. I would love to see some folks painting these up for use on the tabletop.

Are you tempted by these battling toads?

"I would love to see some folks painting these up for use on the tabletop..."

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