Snap Up Hardcore’s Kick Ass 28mm Female Jungle Fighters!

June 4, 2021 by brennon

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Hardcore Miniatures are pack with a new swathe of releases for those diving into their grimdark Sci-Fi games. If you're looking for a squad of soldiers to kick ass and take names then you might be tempted by these new Female Jungle Fighters!

Demi - Hardcore Miniatures

Demi // Hardcore Miniatures

There are quite of these miniatures in the collection which are named but you also got a whole host of soldiers which can be tweaked and adapted to suit your needs. All of them have been designed in the style of Jungle Fighters, perhaps from the likes of Catachan, although they could be painted up as soldiers for all manner of worlds.

Zarya - Hardcore Miniatures

Zarya // Hardcore Miniatures

As you can see, the different characters are armed with all manner of weapons. You've got heavy guns and other specialist weapons in the mix which would be perfect for making a unique Kill Team. I love the sculpting on the Hardcore Miniatures range and it's great seeing the amount of detail they have poured into each of their figures.

All of the miniatures are cast in high-quality resin and come in around the 32mm scale. This makes them pretty on point for the heroic world of Warhammer 40,000.

Female Jungle Fighters - Hardcore Miniatures

Female Jungle Fighters // Hardcore Miniatures

Each of the miniatures is available separately and you'll no doubt have noticed a few surprises amongst the collection. Maybe you like the idea of "sucker punching" your enemy with that leader and her sword?

What I do like about all the miniatures here is that they've managed to make them look absolutely badass and awesome without having to resort to making them pin-ups. I reckon these would look brilliant mixed in alongside a bunch of the male Jungle Fighters from the Catachan range.

Are you going to be checking out these new Female Fighters?

"Maybe you like the idea of "sucker punching" your enemy with that leader and her sword?"

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