Haunt Yellowfield House With Statuesque’s Newest Ghosts

December 8, 2021 by brennon

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Statuesque Miniatures has recently added a new set of wonderful figures to their collection. Tell some interesting tales and explore a haunting mystery with The Ghosts Of Yellowfield House.

Eleanor Ganfer - Statuesque Miniatures

Eleanor Ganfer // Statuesque Miniatures

There are three of these miniatures included in their collection, all sculpted with a style that first popped up as part of the Left At The Bottom Of The Garden range. The style is incredibly distinctive and gets across an eerie fairytale/storybook feel to the range.

As with the Monkstone range that we looked at earlier today, these miniatures all come with a slice of backstory...

"Eleanor Ganfer was not dead – of that much she was sure. Yet still she wandered the halls and grounds of Yellowfield House, even as the roots and trees and vines claimed it for their own.”

There is no specific game tied to these miniatures but that's sometimes the joy of collections like this. You can simply pick these up and enjoy the process of bringing them to life with whatever scheme you prefer.

Deirdre - Statuesque Miniatures

Deirdre // Statuesque Miniatures

Deirdre here is one of the creepier additions to the collection I think you'll agree! That grin would terrify you if she popped up at the end of your bed.

"Eleanor peered through the gap in the doorway as the first searching call rang out. Even at this early stage she could feel the potential, the stoor dancing in the flickering candlelight as Deirdre slowly drifted down the hall, oblivious to Eleanor's presence. Another call reverberated through the stone, plaster and wood of the building, this time more tremulous and urgent then the last. Eleanor shut the door tight, busying herself in her book. She knew full well what was to come.”

Eleanor, Deirdre and Mr Swither are all available separately from their webstore or you can dive in and pick up the entire collection in one go if you prefer.

The Ghosts Of Yellowfield House - Statuesque Miniatures

The Ghosts Of Yellowfield House // Statuesque Miniatures

I think this is a brilliant range and a lovely addition to what Statuesque had already been working on previously. We also discussed Vaesen recently and these characters feel like they could be a wonderful way to tell a story in that investigative, folklore-inspired setting.

“Yellowfield House spilled across the brae, a chaos of stone and slate, roof and gable, spreading outward from a rotten core. Once proud and alone on the hillside, now it was swallowed by the trees and vines, their roots creeping into every crack, mortar made dust in the wind. The boundary walls collapsed and overrun, things could wander unknowing onto its grounds, unaware of what they might meet.”

I can't wait to see what Andrew Rae does next. Bespoke, unique collections like these capture the imagination and encourage people to play around in all manner of different games. It would be great to see what people have done when it comes to painting these ghosts too.

What do you make of this collection?

"I can't wait to see what Andrew Rae does next..."

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