Head Into The Wasteland With Oakbound Studio’s Factious Waste

October 10, 2017 by brennon

If you're looking for an alternative post-apocalyptic game for you to get stuck into, see what you make of Oakbound Studio's Factious Waste which is on Kickstarter right now.

Factious Waste

The team at Oakbound Studio are looking to release a skirmish game with a twist to it and set in a wartorn world of gangs and wasteland violence. One of the main focuses of this campaign is to bring some miniatures to life too for their Starter Set and beyond.

Starter Set

This game, based on the SystemMech rules, is more of a role-playing game than it is a tabletop battle game. There are no dice involved when it comes to combat and there are no cards either. Everything is determined by the advantages you can give to your characters, their statistics and how they interact with the game environment.

It's quite odd to have a game like this, but it certainly has a unique selling point to it. You can find the rules for SystemMech HERE and give them a read yourself to see if they appeal to you.

Warbands & Gangs

As we mentioned, there are a few warbands to pick from and we've listed them below with their models.


Each of the different sets is based around a theme from their world of Factious Waste so they are joined together by an idea or their circumstances. For example, you could imagine the Workers being fed up with having to deal with their bosses and they turned on them!

The Wastelanders are probably the most typical of the different gangs and warbands on offer with a distinct Mad Max vibe to them. They have plenty of inventive weapons too.


Next up we have the Reprocessors. While some of the miniatures from this campaign are very good I think that a few of them miss the mark. For example in the Reprocessors pack, the main painted figure looks great but some of the models towards the bottom of the image have some strange poses and body shapes.


Last but not least we have what could well be the faction I'd choose with the Enforcers on the way to get stuck in and try and get some law and order out in that wasteland.


This is certainly looking like it could be a unique game with a system that is open to a different type of game on the tabletop. As a lover of role-playing games and narrative, it's certainly something I'll be looking into in more detail.

What do you think of SystemMech and this new post-apocalyptic game?

"This game, based on the SystemMech rules, is more of a role-playing game than it is a tabletop battle game..."

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