The Amazing Art & Heroes Of Judgement Head To Kickstarter January 26th

January 9, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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While looking for news today, I stumbled on some artwork and thought, "wow!"- and then when I saw it from our talented friend, Shane Cook, I was even more excited.

judgement ks logo

The art I saw was for characters from an upcoming Kickstarter for the game, Judgement.

Judgement bull

As a player of Judgement you assume the role of an upstart demigod who summons powerful mortal heroes from the world of Onathien, to do your bidding. Each hero has unique powers and in-game abilities that bring enormous diversity and excitement to every game.

Forge your own strategy or react to your opponent's by customising your hero's powers, equipping them with powerful magical artefacts and/or levelling them up during the game.

Judgement 3

Judgement is an eclectic mix of Role Playing Games (RPGs), table-top miniature games and the classic video game MOBA. A unique blend that has combined the best of all these elements into an exciting and addictive table-top game, with stunning 54mm miniatures.

Yes, that big. Just look at the incredible amount of details that have been captured in the minis they've created so far.

judgement4 painted

Judgement launches on Kickstarter on January 26th, which means we're nearly there. I'm really looking forward to hearing more about this game.

judgement5 painted back

A world like this with such lovely, larger scale minis will likely to appeal to many aspects of gaming, whether it be the game itself, collecting or painting.

Will you be exploring the 54mm world of Judgement?

"Forge your own strategy or react to your opponent's by customising your hero's powers..."

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