Warlord’s Horrifying Heinrich Gross Takes Command In Konflikt ’47

April 1, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games has added some new options into the mix for those playing Germans in Konflikt '47. Taking command you have Hauptmann Heinrich Gross and his supernatural posse.

Hauptmann Heinrich Gross - Warlord Games

This dangerous individual has put together a command group which will serve him to the bitter end on the tabletop. As well as being flanked by some of the most hardened soldiers in the army he also brings more experimental Rift-tech enhancements to the tabletop.

With an almost supernatural way of inspiring soldiers to feats of insane bravery he also wields incredible strength and toughness. The Red Skull would be very happy to make this fellows acquaintance I would imagine.

Bloomin' Big Tanks

As well as Gross you'll also be able to snap up the new Panther-X with Light Rail Gun, perhaps one of the weapons that Gross has pushed into service as part of your force.

German Panther X With Light Rail Gun - Warlord Games

This hulking piece of metal has now been upgraded, ready for battle on the tabletop. As well as its tough armour it also boasts a weapon which could punch a hole through any Allied or Soviet tank that stands in its way.

Ruthless commanders and brutal armour is the way forward if you want to crush your enemies!

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"Ruthless commanders and brutal armour is the way forward if you want to crush your enemies!"

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