Help Humanity Achieve The Singularity In Sarah’s Vision

April 14, 2019 by cassn

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Europe 2163 AD: Automated transport systems, flying cars, unlimited energy, seamless information flow...

In this future, society has become a technological utopia, amazed and driven towards a technological revolution which will bring humanity to a moment of 'Singularity', allowing them to lead fulfilled and happy, blissful lives.

However, this plan is not without conflict, and a resistance group exists who wish to move humanity backward, returning technology to the early 2000s.

Only the Agency can stop them, and as an operative for the Agency, you must work to keep humanity safe from such threats. In order for the singularity to be successful, the new technology MindNet must be developed - a technology which relies on a few select High Potential Individuals (HPIs).


Under threat from the resistance groups, you must protect these HPIs from attacks and help your society develop into the Singularity it strives to be.

Sarah's Vision is a co-operative, story-driven strategy and resource game. Players work through a series of stories, with a key event being triggered at the end of each round which increases the danger for the HPIs you are assigned to protect. Utilize your resources wisely to protect your citizens from attack!


This looks like a really cool game, but there's something slightly disturbing about a not-quite utopic futuristic game about technology being produced by a Swiss insurance/banking conglomerate which feels like the meta went too far. They've even included their sufficiently obscure hieroglyphic symbol in the cover. I can't help but wonder - could the moral of the story be that Sarah should have had life insurance?

Sarah's Vision is available now in a limited print run, but the English language version is nearly sold out, so check out the website and bag your copy today!

Do you agree with the Agency or the resistance? Is technology good or bad? Discuss below!

"Help your society develop into the Singularity it strives to be!"

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