Help Kromlech Reveal Their New Orktober 2023 Miniatures

August 16, 2023 by brennon

Autumn is just around the corner and that means one thing, Orktober (or Orctober) from the folks at Kromlech! This year, Kromlech are going to be doing a Reveal Showdown where the community can vote on what miniatures get shown off in the run-up to the Orktober 2023 release.

Orktober 2023 Reveals - Kromlech

Orktober 2023 Reveals // Kromlech

As the month of October approaches, over on social media (Facebook), you can vote with thumbs up and hearts in order to unlock the mysteries that you see above. If I was going to make an educated guess, the use of the stylised "Cyberpunk" font would make me think we're going to be getting some cybernetically enhanced greenskins to unleash on the tabletop.

The results from these showdowns between the miniature sets will then be posted over on the Kromlech Blog and you'll slowly be surely get to see what makes it to the final, big reveal. This will be running throughout the month of August so you've still got a couple of weeks to get involved with the voting.

If you'd like to get a taste of what Kromlech has produced in the past for their Orcs & Goblins line, here are some of their recent endeavours.

Orc Corsairs Battle Rig - Kromlech

Orc Corsairs Battle Rig // Kromlech

All of these miniatures are available for you to go and check out over on their webstore. If you wanted to start your Orktober early then you could dive in and get yourself a little horde that is ready to smash dem humies!

Wild Tribez - Kromlech

Wild Tribez // Kromlech

There is always a neat theme to the miniatures that Kromlech produce during their Orktober bonanzas and I am very eager to see what they have lined up for this year. Any good Orc should be having a peek at the Kromlech collection to see if something catches their eye!

Have you been voting in the Reveal Showdown?

"There is always a neat theme to the miniatures that Kromlech produce during their Orktober bonanzas..."

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