New Heroes Fight For Glory In Avatars Of War

March 17, 2016 by brennon

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Two new characters are coming out to fight for the armies of Avatars of War. First up we have the Grand Redemptor Of Rayviel who looks like he might be out to make sure his religious fervour infects your every action...

Grand Redemptor Of Rayviel

"The Redemptors of Rayviel are the armed wing of the Redemption, a fanatic religious organization whose aim is to extirpate heresy and beliefs against the doctrine or teachings of the Rayvielite faith.

A body of uniformed agents empowered to arrest, judge, sentence and, if necessary, execute heretics right at the crime scene."

He is in a very neutral looking pose but comes out swinging with that rather dangerous looking sword at his side and a repeater crossbow. I could see him pinning down a whole host of vampires and heretics with that.

Following on from him we have an equally cruel looking warrior for the Dark Elves with the Black Corsair.

Dark Elf Black Corsair

"Dark Elf Corsairs are sea-raiders and pirates that roam the waters south of the Isle of Banishment, raiding ships and settlements along the coast of Belenor and Hithnor.

In land warfare, the Dark Elf Corsairs will play an important part in any Banir army, launching fast and surprise attacks at the enemy units."

I like seeing Elves with weapons other than the typical duel swords. He has them here yes, but he is also using a pair of brutal looking axes that I can imagine him using to hook onto the sides of boats so he can haul himself aboard.

A neat pair for sure!

"I could see him pinning down a whole host of vampires and heretics with that...."

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