Hit The Tabletop Hard With Vanir Drop Ship Kickstarter From ACP Games

February 14, 2015 by brennon

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ACP Games are another company that have landed on Kickstarter and they're bringing along a 15mm Vanir Drop Ship as well as a few other cool Sci-Fi miniatures if they hit their stretch goals!

Vanir Dropship

This is the apple of their eye and we should have one of these coming to the studio soon for us to have a look at. It's a pretty awesome creation and actually has a few special details to check out.


Dropship Clamps

As you can see it has a finely detailed interior and the underside has also been kitted out with some cool patterning to make it more than just a simple flat surface. I like the addition of the clamps too which mean you could even try and model some vehicles slung underneath it.

Stretch Goals

They have a range of stretch goals also sorted out for the future of the campaign and this includes a range of 15mm infantry as well as a few vehicles up ahead. All of this is made to be compatible with the Gruntz 15mm game so you'll have a system to work with!

What do you think of the Dropship?

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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