Hop On Titan Forge’s Terra Bikes

January 18, 2015 by dracs

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As Titan Forge head towards their new Kickstarter they're keep up the excitement with another preview, this time for the X-Terra Space Force. Check out these cool Terra Bikes.

Terra Bikes

Titan Forge's scifi battle bikes manage to be both robust and fast, with their aerodynamic design coupled with large wheels to deal with any terrain.

A 360° image has also been posted to let prospective backers get a better look at the Terra Bike sculpts.

Terra Bike 360

Terra Bike Back

Each of the previews Titan Forge has published shows a lot of promise for the Kickstarter. These might be some of my favourite scifi bike miniatures and I look forward to seeing the finished pieces, along with whatever other machines of destruction Titan Forge have planned.

Do these bikes make you hopeful for what will appear in the Kickstarter?

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