Horrifying Sky Beasts Swoop Down From Titan Forge

November 9, 2014 by dracs

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Titan Forge have a trio of terrors joining their scifi Daemonic Kingdoms range. Make sure to keep an eye on the skies for these Skybeasts.


The Skybeasts look like primeval stingrays, with spikes and horns all over the place and teeth like something out of the Jurassic period. They certainly look the part for Titan Forge's daemons, and are an obvious alternative to Games Workshop's Tzeentch Screamers.

However, I do think that these lack a level of smooth motion that you would expect from creatures like these. Rather than graceful, they actually look a little brutish, although this does succeed to give them a different feel of understated menace.

Do you think you might find Titan Forge's Skybeasts flying over your gaming table?

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