House Greyjoy Coming Soon For A Song Of Ice & Fire

November 25, 2020 by brennon

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CMON has started previewing what's coming for A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game as House Greyjoy join the battle for Westeros with their own brand of warfare. Prepare to pillage, raid and cut your foes down when they least expect it.

House Greyjoy - A Song Of Ice & Fire

House Greyjoy // A Song Of Ice & Fire

Above you can see some of the new sets that are going to be coming your way to help build your House Greyjoy force. At the heart of it you've got the Starter Set which is packed with all manner of core troops and characters. This is then supported by the Ironmakers, Ironborn Trappers and Greyjoy Heroes I set which help offer up new options to customise your raiders.

One of the core concepts behind House Greyjoy is aggression. They excel when fighting on the front foot, rushing forward to overwhelm their foes. If they ever find themselves pushed back they might end up crumbling.

Despite their lack of Defence and Morale across the force, they do have the ability to draw on numerous resources in order to beat their foes. So, even if your raiders end up dying on the end of a sword or fleeing from the fight, they can be brought back into the fray.

House Greyjoy can also benefit from new Pillage Tokens and Cards. These are claimed from destroying enemy ranks and units and can be spent to give you numerous bonuses. Because these are only available when being aggressive you get a sense of how the Greyjoys fight.

Get in and start slaughtering!

"One of the core concepts behind House Greyjoy is aggression..."

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