The House Of Iron Locks N’ Loads New Tech For Necromunda

August 24, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop showed off a bunch of new stuff for their games this weekend and we're starting off with a reveal for Necromunda. The House Of Iron is coming soon for the Orlocks, locked n' loaded with all manner of awesome technology and weaponry.

House Of Iron - Necromunda

House Of Iron // Necromunda

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This book comes with a lot of lore and background for House Orlock plus plenty of options to help with expanding your campaigns. You will also find new options for your gangers, hired guns, hangers-on and the wargear that they're bringing to the table. Talking of wargear, this is the new plastic set which contains the three new danger types...

Orlock Arms Masters - Necromunda

Orlock Arms Masters // Necromunda

The first of these is the seriously hench looking Orlock Arms Masters. These dudes bring some seriously hefty pieces of kit to the tabletop for smashing up their enemies in close combat and pounding them into the dirt from afar. Why wouldn't you want to absolutely smash the hell out of things with an arc-hammer?

As well as the Arms Masters you've also got the Orlock Wreckers who are taking to the skies. These prospects (juves) are given the most dangerous tasks in order to prove themselves and although these jump packs would be useful for avoiding dangerous falls, the underhive is not known for its lofty ceilings.

Orlock Wreckers - Necromunda

Orlock Wreckers // Necromunda

If you're looking to add some speed to your Orlock gang then this seems like a great idea. Accompanying the Wreckers and Arms Masters you've also got a pack of ravening Cyber-mastiffs who act as the Orlock guard dogs and their hunters who are useful at tracking down the enemy and bringing them back to your headquarters.

Orlock Cyber-Mastiffs - Necromunda

Orlock Cyber-Mastiffs // Necromunda

These new sets are going to be coming to the world of Necromunda soon, offering up new ways for you to take on your foes in the Underhive. Necromunda seems to be in a really good place right now with all sorts of extras for the various core gangs plus more coming to those that followed in the wake of the original release. It's a good time to be a specialist wargamer.

What do you think of House Orlock's new toys?

"What do you think of House Orlock's new toys?"

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