A Band Of Hulking Slave Ogryn Head To Necromunda

February 14, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop has previewed a few more options coming your way for the world of Necromunda. This time around we're looking at the Slave Ogryns, a bunch of big bruisers who are ready to smash apart any soft and puny humans who get in their way.

Necromunda Ogryns - Games Workshop

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There are three different styles of Ogryn for you to check out, armed with all sorts of chunky equipment. I love the fellow who is carting around a massive gun strapped to his arm, enclosed within that helmet which has probably been fused to his head. You've also got the more normal-looking fellow who still seems quite happy despite the fact he is armless.

These folks are all about getting up close and personal. They are ready to get stuck in, weapons at the ready so they can turn your opponents into mush. They are quite dumb but they make up for it with brawn. There are even a few more notable additions to this Ogryn band too with the likes of T.H.R.U.G. 12, also known as Sparky, in the mix.

If you are able to pick up the House Of Chains book which is going to be available this weekend then you'll access to the rules for these characters.

Are you going to snap these models up?

"Are you going to snap these models up?"

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