Hunt Vampires In Age Of Sigmar With The Ven Denst Family

April 6, 2021 by brennon

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So, we've seen plenty of vampires today but what about those who hunt them? The Order Of Azyr has sent two of its finest as part of an upcoming Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Broken Realms book, the Ven Densts!

Galen ven Denst - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Galen ven Denst // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

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The older of the ven Denst family is Galen Galen ven Denst who very much embodies the iconic look and feel of a Witch Hunter in his design. He is armed with a myriad of stakes for driving into his foes, twin blades and a pistol at the ready. He also comes complete with a flaming torch for when you want to incinerate the bloodsuckers inside their abodes.

The model for Galen ven Denst comes with a few options. You can decide to rock him with a pistol and flaming torch, a sword and flaming torch, or maybe a sword and pistol.

Galen ven Denst Detail - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Galen ven Denst Detail // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

I can already see a lot of people working on modifications for this fellow. I love that we're getting to see the Cities Of Sigmar expand beyond the old Warhammer Fantasy Battles line but there are those who are going to be kit-bashing bitz together to include him in Warhammer 40,000 for sure.

Galen is all about getting up in the grill of his foes and cutting their heads off with his array of very sharp weapons. He's clearly been doing it for a while too so I would imagine he is going to have some seriously mean rules.

If you're looking to bring down foes from long range then you might call on the skills of his daughter, Doralia ven Denst.

Doralia ven Denst - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Doralia ven Denst // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Armed with her consecrated crossbow that is destined to end the lives of many an undead fiend, she is more than a match for any who stand in her way. That is an absolutely massive weapon and I reckon it does some serious damage.

Much like her father, Doralia has options and she can rock that classic Witch Hunter hat if you feel like concealing her identity.

Doralia ven Denst Detail - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Doralia ven Denst Detail // Warhammer Age Of Sigmar

Whilst she might have a crossbow to hand, that doesn't mean she's not a dab hand with a sword. She could easily cut a vampire in two if they got close enough! I am really liking both of these models and I think they will be an excellent starting point for a heavily themed Cities Of Sigmar army.

Mix in some Flagellants and Greatswords that are all painted up to match their devotion to Sigmar and you'd have a very brutal and elite force. It is a shame that they don't seem to make the Warrior Priest miniatures anymore as they would have been an excellent way to supplement your force of wild zealots with more characters.

I could see plenty of folks picking these up to use as the inspiration for their roleplay characters in Soulbound too!

What do you make of the ven Denst family?

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