Hunters Entertainment Bring Altered Carbon RPG To Kickstarter

February 4, 2020 by brennon

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Hunters Entertainment have now brought the hit Netflix and book Cyberpunk series to the tabletop with a Kickstarter for Altered Carbon.

Altered Carbon Main Image - Hunters Books

Within the world of Altered Carbon, you will be playing as all manner of interesting and diverse characters that have the luxury of a kind of immortality. Death is certainly an inevitability, of a fashion, as if you're lucky enough you have access to a Cortical Stack. This fascinating piece of scientific magic is able to store you as Digital Human Freight, allowing you and your memories to move between different bodies which are known as sleeves. If you can afford to shift yourself from body to body then you can effectively live forever.

This of course throws some fascinating elements into the mix. Death becomes a feature of the way your characters interact with the world. Of course, not everyone wants to simply burn out their sleeves and move onto a new one but in the noir and neon world of Altered Carbon sometimes you don't get a choice.

The move and transfer between your sleeves, death and the consequences of that are fully played out throughout your characters' lives. If you die, you can simply re-sleeve yourself into a new body...but who knows exactly what will happen in your next life.

Your characters, therefore, have something a little something different to deal with within this Cyberpunk world which I think is pretty fascinating. There are a few key elements of gameplay which come into play here too...

  • Mystery Solve the unfolding mystery. The gamemaster themselves may not even know who the culprit is at the beginning of the story!
  • Intrigue Augments and re-sleeving don’t come without their own costs. Story-driven mechanics challenge players to balance their personal egos and baggage, influencing how players interact with one another and how their characters develop over time.
  •  Action — An original game engine uniquely designed for the RPG, delivering a strategic yet dynamic zone-based combat system with exotic high-tech weaponry and streamlined options for more action-oriented gameplay!
  •  Drama — The twisted reality of transhumanity enables players to create challenging stories, complex characters, and century-spanning epics, all which explore the darkest aspects of human nature that the value of life and fear of death once held in check. When murder is little more than extreme property damage, transhumanity is the perfect playground for noir storytelling that delves into the moral depths of our own humanity.

If all of this sounds cool to you then you can check out the Altered Carbon Quickstart which goes into more detail about the rules.

Pledge Options & More

If you're interested then here is a peek at the core pledge that they are offering for the Kickstarter campaign.

Altered Carbon Rules Pledge - Hunters Books

I am liking the array of options that they've included here as accessories and extras. The dice look rather nice, as does the cool Cortical Stack token which is entirely unneeded but would be a nice memento to remember backing the campaign.

You can find out more about what is included as part of the Core Rulebook over on the Kickstarter page but if miniatures are your thing then you'll also be able to snap up some cool characters which are fashioned after the archetypes from the game rules.

Altered Carbon Miniatures - Hunters Books

You can even delve in and find out more about gameplay and what the team at Hunters Entertainment have planned thanks to Becca Scott who is everywhere nowadays! There is plenty for you to dive into with the campaign and it seems like the team behind this really are working to provide an experience which brings the TV and book series to life.

Are you going to be pledging for this?

" seems like the team behind this really are working to provide an experience which brings the TV and book series to life"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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