Hyacinth Games Find Man’s Best Friend in the Wreck-Age

September 4, 2012 by brennon

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When you're lost in a post apocalyptic wasteland, or simply traversing the world on your adventures regardless of the setting it's always nice to have Man's Best Friend with you to keep you company and protect you when things go sour. Check out Hyacinth Games new Dog Pack...

Wreck-Age Dog

The pack will net you three generic dogs for Wreck-Age or any gaming system you fancy really. I perfect pet for a Role-Playing Hunter, a sidekick in the world of fantasy or even as a bunch of savage wild beasts hunting your every step.

I've just been reading Dead Winter by C.L Werner and I think I now have a pet for my budding Rat Catcher in Warhammer Fantasy Role-play.

What will you do with these pooches?

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