HUGE Imperial Gold Dragon Goes On Pre-Order Over At WizKids

October 20, 2021 by fcostin

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The abrasive rocky walls were closing in, bent down cramped, as the slight tunnelway becomes more and more narrow as your traverse deeper. Yet there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Glistening gold and even now with just a light reflection in sight - it seems there is something coveted to be looted.

You begin to dream and imagine stacks and stacks of gold awaiting a new home, ready to stack up against your storage. However, turning the last bend proved unpredictable. The light at the end of the narrow crawl-through may have been house to a stockpile of treasures wall-to-wall, but the glistening gold came from the creature taking guard.

Gold Dragon - IMAGE ONE

Adult Gold Dragon Premium Figure // D&D Icons of the Realms

WizKids are at it again, with another stunning dragon to embed deep into our RPG campaigns. This month, bringing the Adult Gold Dragon Premium Figure into pre-order.

Already pre-assembled and pre-painted, the Adult Gold Dragon comes with two different heads. Whether you are looking to have your dragon looking ever so slightly startled vs ever so slightly aggressive! Wielding his fire-breathing breath to any intruder stupid enough to come nearer.

God Dragon - Image Two

Alternative Head Preview // Adult Gold Dragon Premium Figure

Gold Dragons are incredibly unique and special, yet their stunning exterior should not be overlooked. Being crowned top of the food chain compared to other dragon-folk, taking evil into its wake and causing harm to all those who cross its gaze.

If your eyes are shining over the upcoming Adult Gold Dragon Premium Figure, you can get your pre-order in on the WizKids website for $104.99. Aiming to release and orders are to be fulfilled at the back-end of Q4 of this year.

Under what circumstances in your campaign would you come across a Gold Dragon?

"Already pre-assembled and pre-painted, the Adult Gold Dragon comes with two different heads..."

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