InfamousJT Tease New Fantasy Miniatures Coming 2022!

September 27, 2021 by brennon

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InfamousJT is probably most well known for the collection of Polish miniatures he brought to the tabletop for the Warsaw Uprising. Well, he is also now working on a set of Fantasy miniatures alongside sculptor Sergio Alonso León, which look to be hitting Kickstarter at the start of 2022.

Dwarf Jarl - InfamousJT

Dwarf Jarl // InfamousJT

I imagine you can work out why I was so caught up in the previews they have been sharing recently. There is a nice collection of Dwarves coming to life including the Dwarf Jarl you see above with his faithful hound.

In addition to that more Norse-themed Dwarf Jarl we also have some fantastically detailed Dwarf Knights who are very reminiscent of classic Citadel miniatures from years gone by.

Dwarf Knights - InfamousJT

Dwarf Knights // InfamousJT

Many of the miniatures are getting to the point where they have been finalised and are heading off to get mastered. But, there are still a few that are in the work-in-progress stage and InfamousJT and Sergio Alonso León have been taking feedback on them over on Facebook.

It isn't just martial Dwarves that are coming to the tabletop either. We also have this rather wise and wizened-looking fellow here. With an orb of power in hand and his little staff, he looks like the perfect mini-merlin.

Dwarf Wizard - InfamousJT

Dwarf Wizard // InfamousJT

It isn't just Dwarves that appear to be the focus of Sergio Alonso León's attention though. We also got a teaser for this impressive Elf not too long ago as well. Whilst I do like my Dwarves I am also becoming more and more fond of Elves. This one is particularly nice and brings together elements of both Wizards and Druids I feel.

Elven Mage - InfamousJT

Elven Mage // InfamousJT

There are some interesting plans circulating in the ether when it comes to what InfamousJT has planned next. I very much admired the Polish range that was put together a few years ago and as a Fantasy lover, it's great to see the skills of Sergio Alonso León now turned to a warband of bearded warriors!

Make sure to drop some thoughts below and maybe head on over to the Facebook Page to see what pops up next!

" a Fantasy lover, it's great to see those skills now turned to a warband of bearded warriors!"

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