Introduce The Infester Queen To Your Games Of Bot War!

August 11, 2021 by brennon

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Traders Galaxy has put together a new release for those diving into Bot War as the Infesters! The Queen is crawling and flying her way into your games with a fantastic resin kit.

The Queen - Bot War

The Queen // Bot War

Here is some of the background for The Queen and how she fits into the Infesters and the lore of Bot War...

"Once a dedicated and successful Deceiver General, she was tricked by Megatyrant into becoming the test subject for an experiment to try to halt the Infester curse. The torture endured during that experiment fragmented her consciousness into several pieces. Her code did go down the path of Infesterism, being warped and changed. But somehow her consciousness, or at least one part of it, maintained a level of high functioning cognitive ability.

This allowed the Queen to control the other Infesters and utilise their abilities with some degree of planning and coordination. So in that way, the experiment was successful. However, it was unsuccessful in that neither the Queen herself, nor the Infesters, will ever be under Deceiver control. The Queen has an eternal hatred for anything that is not an Infester and will not rest until the Earth, and everything on it, is consumed by her brood."

I really like the look of this miniature, especially with those skittering legs. The scythe also works nicely as her weapon of choice. Purple and yellow also work very well for the Infesters as it gives them a decidedly evil quality!

This miniature is available to pre-order right now with its full release coming in October 2021!

"Purple and yellow also work very well for the Infesters as it gives them a decidedly evil quality!"

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