Innocent Bystanders Wander Past Knuckleduster Miniatures

July 28, 2017 by dracs

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Knuckleduster Miniatures are working on a couple of innocent bystanders to send wandering through the wild west.

The first of these is a penniless wanderer, known at the time as "bummers and loafers."

Loafers and bummers

Come to the frontier in search of illusory wealth, this man is just passing through, minding his own business.

However, if he gets caught in the middle of a gunfight, he might need the services of Knuckleduster's next bystander.



For a gravedigger like Frank, business is probably booming in the west.

The gravedigger is a staple of wild west movies so it's good to see one on the tabletop.

Which model do you like best?

"For a gravedigger, business is booming in the west..."

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