John Blanche’s Mörderin Miniatures Coming To Kickstarter Soon

June 5, 2024 by brennon

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James Sherriff of Brass Monkey has been working with artist, John Blanche, to bring some of his illustrations to life with a brand new range of 32mm miniatures. The Mörderin range will be coming to Kickstarter soon.

Morderin - John Blanche & James Sherriff

Mörderin // John Blanche & James Sherriff

John Blanche has been creating a range of new illustrations for Grimdark femme miniatures for use in your games or just to paint as hobbyists. A few different characters have been showcase so far with both illustrations and renders over on Facebook.

Jagerin - Morderin

Jagerin // Mörderin

The range has been coming to life slowly but surely over the last few months and the Kickstarter looms. The miniatures are a good mix of Grimdark Sci-Fantasy and they would be perfect for a lot of the 28mm to 32mm skirmish games out there like Planet 28. It will be no surprise that these have popped up in a lot of the Inq28 groups out there.

Apolonia - Morderin

Apolonia // Mörderin

Osterhilt - Morderin

Osterhilt // Mörderin

There are some superb designs already and it has been neat seeing the transition from the concept pieces to the renders. The miniatures are a little different but capture the essence of the original pieces. They have also been adapted to work in the physical world of course so there will be trade-offs.

Salomia - Morderin

Salomia // Mörderin

It will be fascinating to see what other characters get added into the mix for the Mörderin Kickstarter. The primary focus is going to be on the miniatures, the team have said that there is a chance to get art prints. There might also be options for larger miniatures in the future. Imagine these in 54mm!

Jagerin Test Print - Morderin

Jagerin - Test Print // Mörderin

As someone who likes the art of John Blanche and likes the Sci-Fantasy vibes that you get in his artwork, I think I'll be taking a closer look at this one. Blanche seems like he is having fun since leaving Games Workshop and I hope we get to see more of his visions come to life in different ways.

Will you be checking out Mörderin on Kickstarter?

"Will you be checking out Mörderin on Kickstarter?"

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