The Judda and Klegg Terrorize the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

December 24, 2014 by dracs

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With the release of their new Judge Dredd Miniatures Game supplement Blood on the Streets two new factions have joined the fight for control of Mega-City One; the vicious Judda and the terrifying Klegg Invasion Force.


The Judda are the creation of crazed geneticist Morton Judd. Escaping from Mega-City One with a supply of stolen genetic material, Judd later emerged from his hidden base in Ayers Rock with an army of genetically engineered Judges called The Judda.

The Judda

The Judda are more than capable of holding their own against the forces of law and order. While they lack the range and flexibility of the Judges, they more than make up for these short comings with their ability to teleport, letting them strike where they're least expected.

Following the Judda comes the Klegg Invasion Force.

Klegg Invasion Force

The Klegg Invasion Force

The Klegg are notorious mercenaries, who accept payment in the flesh of their enemies. At one time used by Chief Judge Cal to control the population through fear, when the Klegg aren't employed they will happily invade in order to find fresh meat.

Both of these new factions bring some cool new minis and tactics to the game, but which do you prefer?

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