Keeping Tournaments Tidy With Micro Art Studio’s New Trays

December 18, 2017 by brennon

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Micro Art Studio has two new tournament accessories which might be of use to those of you playing games of X-Wing. See what you make of their new kits starting with the Space Fighter Manoeuvre Tray.

Space Fighter Manouver Tray - Xmas Deluxe Micro Art Studio

This is a limited stock version of the product for Christmas which comes with a variety of different colours for the tokens and templates set within the organiser. It has a top which sits above it to keeping everything organised as you get ready for a game.

As well as that they also have their Tournament Tray. In this case, it is showing off X-Wing models (quite the perfect companion piece) but it could be used for anything.

Tournament Tray - Micro Art Studio

It is designed as a means of transporting your models around, being used as a rolling tray when you are in the middle of games and a clear way to keep things off the tabletop when you're gaming.

What do you think of these new pieces?

"This is a limited stock version of the product for Christmas..."

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