Khurasan Miniatures Have Gone Medieval With Latest Release

May 19, 2019 by cassn

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Khurasan Miniatures have been showcasing their latest medieval releases, and their tiny miniature blacksmith has clearly been working overtime in his 15mm forge! First, up let's have a look at their historical 15th century French Ordonnance Gendarmes, ready to join their compagnie d'ordonnance and fight for French victory!khur2

The comagnie d'ordonnance system was the first standing army of late medieval/early modern France (to be replaced later in the 17th century by the gendarmerie system). Each Compagnie consisted of 100 Lances fournies, built around a central contingent of a heavily armed gendarme (cavalrymen), alongside archers, squires, pages and men-at-arms - totaling 600 men.


These first sets of gendarme are both on foot, complete with polearms, and on horseback with lances. Khurasan Miniatures have promised a full army in a wave of releases, including Ordonnance archers, Francs archers, crossbowmen, and more lanced Gendarmes with a variety of light and heavy armoured steeds.


As if this announcement wasn't already enough for medieval history buffs, Khurasan Miniatures have also released images of a new collection of 14th-century German knights! These dismounted fighters feature in their 15mm late 14th-century collection and can be used for a vast variety of armies. There will also be a dismounted command added to the collection!

These new collections will be available from Khurasan Miniatures soon, so keep up-to-date through their website.

Should the tiny blacksmith be given a tiny promotion for all his hard work? Tell us what you think!

"Fight for French victory!"

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