More Purgatory On Kickstarter With The Refugees Of Religion

March 1, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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Underestimated Games is back on Kickstarter right now with the next cohort for their fantastic game, Purgatory.

Purgatory, The Next Testament features the Refugees of Religion, an unlikely bunch of souls that still believe in faith, duty and worship and spend their time on Earth trying to rally people back onto the path of good.

This cohort is lead by the beautiful, Penemue, who is essentially the loyalist in the face of Satan's betrayal. The Refugees of Religion are essentially the goody-goodies of Purgatory- totally the choice for me. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this group functions in this gritty world.

The Refugees of Religion feature seven new models including: Jayne, Joan, Mother T, Penemue, Gought, Faith and Chastity. The set includes the miniatures, a base, a unique resin insert for each mini, a stat card and a San Ban Card.

San Ban is essentially it's own minatures game that functions in the world of Purgatory, but even more, includes absolutely gorgeous alternate art for these characters.

This project is also introducing the first Tome for Purgatory...

...which is amazing background story for this interesting world, offering insight into these rich and innovative characters.

Will you be adding the Refugees of Religion to your collection?

"I'm really looking forward to seeing how this group functions in this gritty world..."

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