Kingdom Death Hosts More Macabre Miniatures This Month!

July 1, 2014 by brennon

Kingdom Death has a series of new miniatures hitting it's webstore and while alas The King has already sold out there are still a number of Pin-up Wet Nurse and Naked Experiment of Death models for you to pick up!

The King

The first up is said King who only had a very limited run that went up last night and was gone within seconds. it's quite an interesting creation and you can see why it was snapped up like the toy in a cereal packet. So much brilliant detail has been worked into every facet of this miniature and I reckon you'd keep finding new things to like about it as you looked closer.

Pin-up Wet Nurse

Naked Experiment of Death

As well as The King we have the Pin-up Wet Nurse and the Naked Experiment of Death with all kinds of creepy additions to make it freak out everyone who comes and looks at your miniatures shelf. The Experiment of Death comes with a Twilight Knight and the Wet Nurse.

You can still get the later of these releases over on the webstore and there are restocks available for people too!

Did you manage to snag a King?

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