The King’s Peace Arrives For A Game Of Thrones LCG

February 26, 2016 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have now released the next Chapter Pack for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. This time we're looking at a lot of Knights in The King's Peace. There are some very nasty cards in here for all of the factions so no-one should feel left out here...

The King's Peace

Some of the big characters that you'll be seeing in this set are for The Night's Watch and Lannisters in the shape of Ser Alliser Thorne and Gregor Clegane. Alliser is interesting because he almost becomes a replacement for Old Bear Mormont as your big character and helps to keep with the Ranger theme.

The King's Peace (Cards)

He also provides you with a much needed Military Icon which can help you dominate that phase AND also potentially win that Sword in the Darkness challenge that was so hard to achieve meaning you can negate other challenges that phase.

Gregor Clegane on the other hand is just simply a powerhouse. He is a deadly character for killing off multiple foes at a time although he is very easily sidestepped with some good events. A brutal card if used effectively to put many foes to the sword.

A Tourney For The King

As well as those big characters with Knight in the key word we also have this card which helps keep them safe. A Tourney For The King is a plot card and while having a less than useful gold value it has a good initiative and reserve. The effect is where the card shines however and protects your Knights from those pesky events being played. Twin that with renown and you could have all the power you need in one turn.

Hedge Knight

The last card I'm going to look at is the Hedge Knight who comes in as a very low cost Military icon. and with an excellent effect. Twining him with other Knights keys in his Power ability and another Strength which makes him more of a threat.

Can you see yourself making some new interesting decks from this?

"Gregor Clegane on the other hand is just simply a powerhouse..."

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