Kitbash Games Bring Heroes & Villains To Kickstarter

August 26, 2019 by brennon

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Kitbash Games are on Kickstarter right now looking to fund their collection of Superhero and Supervillain miniatures for you to use in your games. Check out Supers Unlimited...

Supers Unlimited - Kitbash Games

Each of the miniatures has been designed to scale with existing games like Pulp City and Super Mission Force. You'll find a very diverse range of options in here for creating your own characters or doing something based on an existing hero or villain.

Super Wars Heroes & Villains - Kitbash Games

Above you can see the original collection of different characters that will be available in resin for you to use. I quite like the look of Ace and The Cowl. With the popularity of shows like The Boys on Amazon right now, this might be a good entry point for folks who want to do their own spin on the superhero genre.

Things can also expand to include lots of other cool characters as you'll see here.

Stretch Goals & Add Ons - Kitbash Games

This shows you all of the different Add-Ons and Stretch Goals which have been added into the mix giving you some additional breadth when it comes to creating your various teams. I like the duo for Magnetron and Plasmatron although The Shark also looks very cool.

Playing larger than life superheroes on the tabletop has always been a fun idea and hopefully, this selection will give you a chance to explore the genre for yourself.

Which hero is your favourite?

"Which hero is your favourite?"

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