KLUKVA Miniatures Release Five New Ace Sculpts This Week

June 18, 2018 by brennon

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The team at KLUKVA Miniatures has been working on some more familiar faces for your gaming tables. This time around they're looking at some classic video games starting off with one that might have slipped under the radar.

Bloodrayne - Klukva Miniatures

This first model is based on the Vampire, Rayne, from the video game series Rayne. She would make a rather good assassin-type character for you to use in your games, stalking through rain-soaked streets looking for her next target.

Old School Boss Fight

Next up we turn our attention to this fellow who might end up being quite the Nemesis to your heroes on the tabletop.

Nemesis - Klukva Miniatures

Imagine having this fellow pop up in a game like The Walking Dead?! You could have him be that dangerous end boss that your teams of survivors have to work together against rather than clashing with themselves.

Wild Warrior

Next up is the Beast Warrior here who comes clad in ragged furs and with sword and axe at the ready. A proper dangerous Barbarian type; you could imagine him being a good alternative for you to use in a role-playing game perhaps.

Barbarian - Kulkva Miniatures

I think he would look awesome when painted up properly, especially with an liberal use of drybrushing and washes to get the model looking just right.

Battling Hell

My favourite of the new set of releases has to be this fellow though. With the announcement of DOOM Eternal another chance to get stuck into some fighting against the demon hordes on the tabletop is a welcome possibility too.

DOOM Guy Fighting - Klukva Miniatures

I think I would perhaps use this fellow and the previous incarnation KLUKVA worked on as alternative models in the DOOM game by Fantasy Flight. They would make for some nice alternative heroes in the game, especially as THE Doom Slayer if you're playing solo against the demon hordes.

Viking Warrior Woman

Last but not least we look to something a bit different with this Shieldmaiden-esque warrior woman.

Shieldmaiden - Klukva Miniatures

I'm not entirely sure where the idea for the model was drawn from here but she does look awesome and would be a great addition to a raiding party on the tabletop I reckon. You could also use her as an alternative model in a game like Blood Rage I reckon too.

What do you think of the new releases from KLUKVA?

"What do you think of the new releases from KLUKVA?"

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Supported by (Turn Off)