Knight Models Celebrate Batman’s 80th With New Bat Boxes

September 13, 2018 by dracs

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This year marks the Dark Knight's eightieth anniversary and Knight Models are celebrating with the announcement of new Bat-Boxes to get you into the Batman Miniatures Game.

So far, two boxes have been revealed. The Riddler's Quizmasters lay their clues.

While Joker's Clowns Party stirs up chaos.

Each box contains a complete crew specific objectives, equipment cards, quick start rules for the neophytes and a new scenario.

These boxes promise to be the perfect way to start getting into the Batman Miniatures Game, as well as adding new ways to mix things up. The inclusion of specific scenarios is particularly good, as it should provide you with an introduction to how your chosen faction plays.

Riddle me this, which faction do you want to play as?

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