Knight Models Invite New Superheroes To Their Miniature World

May 18, 2018 by brennon

Knight Models has invited a whole bunch of new and re-vamped superheroes and villains to their collection for both the Batman and DC Universe Miniatures Game.

Superman - Knight Models

We start with two folks who will be clashing many a time no doubt. The first of these is Superman above who comes with three alternative symbols for his chest depending on where you want to set your games within the comic universe. He will be going up against the deadly Doomsday!

Doomsday - Knight Models

All of the models that you're seeing here are 'new' in the sense that they have been added into the mix in the new coloured resin material that Knight Models is using for their range. So, they should be a LOT easier to work with.

Dark Scions & Undersea Royalty

As well as the big chaps above we also have an alternative Justice League for you. You might remember we talked about this lot a few weeks ago and I was talking about how Constantine is sometimes seen with this bunch (watch out Sam!).

Justice League Dark - Knight Models

The Justice League Dark is also joined by a seafaring lady, Mera. Wife of Aquaman, she is a powerful warrior in her own right and you actually saw her in the Justice League film during the fight scene in Atlantis.

Mera - Knight Models

It would be very cool to have the undersea duo going up against some dangerous foes together in some scenarios.


We also have two more models for this month. The first of these is a rather updated version of Catwoman for all those games where you need to annoy Batman!

Catwoman - Knight Models

I really like the model they've done for Catwoman. It's not too over the top and the proportions, whilst of course focused towards a comic book style, don't seem overblown.

We also have the metal rocker known as Lobo. If you need an alien bounty hunter to cause some chaos then this fellow is your man.

Lobo - Knight Models

That brings the range of releases for this month to a close from Knight Models, offering you a chance to dive into all aspects of their two miniatures games.

Which characters do you want to see them work on next?

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