Knight Models Raise The Demon Etrigan

October 30, 2017 by dracs

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New models do Knight provide. With their others, they shall abide. One is Jason, a knighted man. The other, the demon Etrigan.

Jason Blood

Jason Blood does bear a curse. To transform when he says this verse:

Gone, Gone the form of man. Rise the demon Etrigan!


Etrigan, though devil he, a force for good can often be. To speak in rhyme is his way, thus I type likewise on this day.

Both these models, most beauteous are. I'll sing their praises, near and far. They are ready to play their part, as members of the Justice League Dark.

This rhyming stuff is harder than it looks!

What do you think of DC's diabolic duo?

"Etrigan, though devil he, a force for good can often be..."

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