Knight Models Talk Character Objectives For Deadshot

November 17, 2019 by avernos

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Ramping up towards the release of the Batman Miniatures Game 3rd Edition we have another sneak peak from Knight Models. This time one of everyone's favourite guns-for-hire is out for blood, Deadshot.

BoW (800x533)

As we’ve already revealed, Objective cards in the Batman Miniature Game give your crews real purpose and personality on the tabletop, with Objectives tailored specifically to your faction. But even individual members of the crew can have their own personal Objectives – sometimes noble, sometimes sinister and capricious…

In the new edition of the game, some characters bring their own Objective cards into play. These are added to your crew’s Objective deck just like any other Objective card, but they don’t count towards the card limit for your deck. These cards’ Objective criteria can only be fulfilled by the named character, so it’s important to keep that model in the fight long enough to achieve its goal.

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Let’s look at the specific case of a card that Deadshot can bring to your deck. You could play this card as a Resource: this increases the Rate of Fire of Deadshot’s weapons by +1 if he shoots beyond their optimal range. However, if you play the card as an Objective, Deadshot can earn your crew Victory Points by eliminating a key figure from the enemy crew at range.

Remember that, while Deadshot remains in play, only he will be able to accomplish this Objective. After all, you don’t want to get between Deadshot and his prey, do you?

Mister Lawton isn't known to miss often, and it looks as if this objective adds to the narrative on the tabletop, and brings forth the motivation for the character, squarely hitting the mark in the run up to the release. I think these supplemental objectives are a fantastic way of tying the characters to their comic personality in game and I'm really looking forward to seeing how other characters behave and what they'll bring to the table.

Is Deadshot firmly in your sights for gaming?

"In the new edition of the game, some characters bring their own Objective cards into play."

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