Knight Models Battle For Hogwarts With Teachers & Centaurs

March 15, 2019 by brennon

Knight Models are taking the battle to Voldemort with some new additions to the mix for their Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. First off we're looking at the Hogwarts Teachers set...

Hogwarts Teachers - Knight Models

The set here contains some famous faces alongside some that you might not have known of. You have Horace Slughorn, Sybill Trelawney, and Pomona Sprout who were prominent members of the faculty followed by two introduced by Snape when he became Headmaster, Alecto and Amycus Carrow (booooo!)

It's really neat to see more of the characters from the movie coming to the tabletop for people to paint up. For those Potterheads out there who just happen to also be hobbyists, this is great for them!

Wild Warriors

As well as the Teachers we also have Firenze and his Centaur brothers leading the charge from the Forbidden Forest. Here is the Centaur himself.

Firenze - Knight Models

Centaurs have always been rather cool if strange, creatures. Fun fact, when I made my first role-play character for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play I named him after two of the Centaurs from Harry Potter, Ronan and Bane. He was cool...even if he did die in a pool of acid.

Following on from Firenze we also have Magorian & Centaurs to help, the actual leader of the Centaurs from the Forbidden Forest.

Magorian & Centaurs - Knight Models

This now adds to the range of different magical creatures you can use in the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game (sheesh, quite a name right?).

Will you be considering these for your painting table?

"The set here contains some famous faces alongside some that you might not have known of..."

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