Knights Of Camelot Seek Glory In Hail Caesar From Warlord Games

February 12, 2018 by thisisazrael

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Warlord Games have a swathe of new Dark Age Arthurian releases for Hail Caesar. First up we have The Age Of Arthur: The Hunt For The Holy Grail set.

The Age of Arthur The Hunt for the Holy Grail

The box comes with five knights; Galahad, Percival, Bors, Lancelot and Gawain. If you'd like to expand your knights further you can pick up the Knights of Camelot set led by the valiant King Arthur himself.

The Age of Arthur Knights of Camelot

This set comes with King Arthur, Kay (King Arthur's foster brother), Bedivere, Gaheris and Gareth, half-brother to Mordred. Warlord Games have also come up with a Heroes of Tintagel set.

The Age of Arthur Heroes of Tintagel

Tintagel Castle has a long association with legends related to King Arthur, beginning in the 12th Century when Geoffrey of Monmouth described Tintagel as the place of Arthur's conception in his fictionalised account of British history, the Historia Regum Britanniae.

The set comes with Tristan, Uther Pendragon, Ector, Lamorak and Geraint.

If you'd like to personalise your knights you also have the option to pick up a set of Arthurian shield transfers.

Arthurian Shield Design

There's also an Arthurian Banner set to make your own banners.

Arthurian Banner Design

All the minis shown are 28mm scale and made from metal.

What do you think of these latest Hail Caesar releases?

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