Knights Of Dice’s Saresh Faction Toil In The Fields

September 10, 2019 by brennon

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Knights Of Dice has now shown off the final of the four factions coming to their Mirrors Of Tullarn Kickstarter later this month. Meet the hard-working members of the Saresh.

Saresh #1 - Knights Of Dice

The Saresh care not for opulence and trinkets and instead value hard work done after days in the heat or the bitter cold, their aching backs a sign of time well spent.

Saresh #2 - Knights Of Dice

Once peaceful farmers and craftsmen they have now had to turn their tools of toil into ones of war, defending their lands and keeping watch over their border as enemies come to their lands.

Saresh #3 - Knights Of Dice

I am loving the route that Knights Of Dice has gone with these factions, providing us with something different for the norm to use when we dive into our skirmish games. You could easily see these models working for warbands in Frostgrave or as those wandering in the footsteps of Rangers in Shadow Deep.

Will you be keeping an eye out for their Kickstarter later this month?

"Will you be keeping an eye out for their Kickstarter later this month?"

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