Knuckleduster Honest Jim Baker Takes On The West

May 31, 2019 by dracs

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Knuckleduster have published previews for some new wild west characters they will be releasing.

First, joining their upcoming pack of Frontiersmen, is "Honest" Jim Baker.

Jim Baker is one of those larger than life figures that the west produced and glorified. In his life, he worked as a fur trapper, scout, translator, rancher, mine owner, soldier, married seven times, twice to the daughters of Native American chiefs, and took part in the Mormon War of 1857-1859, scouted up to the age of sixty-two, including for General Custer and as part of the Meeker Massacre, before dying in his home at the age of eighty.

Definitely a full life, that's for sure.

He will be going out alongside Buffalo Bill and Billy Dixon as part of Knuckleduster's pack of scouts and buffalo hunters.

Alongside this famous frontiersman, we have perhaps one of the most recognisable faces of western cinema, though I'd be hard put to remember his name...

So far, no name has been given to this cigar-chomping figure, but it's one I'm sure many will happily include in their wild west collections.

Which figure from Western legend would you most like to see as a miniature? 

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