Knuckleduster Sculpt Up A Band Of Bad Guys For The Wild West

September 3, 2020 by brennon

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Knuckleduster Miniatures has been showing off some previews of what's coming soon to Gunfighter's Ball. The future seems to be packed with bad guys as villains upon villains are popping up on their Facebook Page, all based off some iconic Wild West personalities.

Baxter - Knuckleduster Miniatures

Baxter // Knuckleduster Miniatures

As with all of the miniatures from Knuckleduster, they are a nice mix of artistic licence whilst also drawing from the well-known source material. If you're a big fan of Wild West movies then I think you'll already have a few ideas who some of these characters are or at least who they are based on.

Big Bob - Knuckleduster Miniatures

Big Bob // Knuckleduster Miniatures

The thing that I really like about these characters though is the amount of life that is always breathed into them. You get a sense of their personalities from the way they are posed and the expressions on their faces. For example, Big Bob seems like a rather rough and ready individual who does whatever needs to be done. Maybe he'd make a good sheriff but perhaps he's a little too brutal for his own good?

You've also got the likes of Blue Duck here who is decidedly wilder in appearance and seems like a real hot head.

Blue Duck - Knuckleduster Miniatures

Blue Duck // Knuckleduster Miniatures

I should clarify that I know only a little about the Wild West period and the films that surround it so I won't be on the ball with all of these summaries for the characters. However, I do think that this is a good indication of what a good job Knuckleduster has done with their character designs.

Calamari - Knuckleduster Miniatures

Calamari // Knuckleduster Miniatures

As with the rest of the Gunfighter's Ball range, the miniatures are slightly larger than 28mm and come in around the 32mm scale. They are also a little more heroic in proportion but it should be a good fit for a lot of other Wild West ranges if you want to mix and match.

Valentine - Knuckleduster Miniatures

Valentine // Knuckleduster Miniatures

I would assume that this collection of miniatures are going to be brought together into either one pack or a handful of packs to make sure you can build a proper posse of villains. You've now got all manner of interesting characters to throw into the mix for your shootouts.

Are you tempted to pick up these new miniatures when they become available? Also, can you help pinpoint which of these characters are from famous movies?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Are you tempted to pick up these new miniatures when they become available?"

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